3 Best Essential Oils to Supercharge your Summer Travels

Mike O'Brien Health, Love Your Body

Fresh organic produce is forever the staple of our diet, but summertime travels don’t always allow for constant fix! So what do we do to elevate how we feel and keep our cells vibing high and healthy when we’re on the go and can’t carry juices around with us?

We LOVE essential oils!

Back at our love headquarters you may just find us spiking our juices and dropping in some bergamot oil in our Organic OJ or adding a lil extra oil of oregano to our Ginger Bomb. But when we’re on the go, essential oils are also the perfect solution for upgrading our water, and ultimately an entire travel experience! Let’s face it, airplanes don’t always make us feel so fresh, but wherever this summer takes you it’s still possible to minimize stress on our bodies by consuming these amazingly high-vibrational plant extracts!

Different oils benefit us in a variety of ways and of course this changes seasonally. So we’ve chosen our top 3 must-haves for summer time to help our bodies with the effects of sunshine heat and travel, and of course our souls with coping with all these lunar eclipses! 😉

1. Lemon. Simple but amazingly versatile! It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antimicrobial for both your body and surroundings, say your Air BnB doesn’t turn out quite like photographed🙉… We love it as a cure-all for skin issues (bug bites, acne, cuts and wounds) and nausea (boat trip anyone?!) It has also been shown to help digestion, lymphatic drainage and detoxification which can all get a little sluggish with things like air travel and alcohol consumption! Don’t underestimate the power of a tiny drop, it takes about 50 lemons to yield just one tiny 15ml bottle of essential oil! Just 2-3 drops in your water each morning is all you need to feel it’s fresh benefits. Summer colds got you down? Add a couple drops to your Ginger Bomb to boost it’s immune enhancing benefits! Lemon essential oil is derived from the rind of the lemons, so when mixed with citrus juice you’ll get all the benefits of the magical fruit combined!

2. Spearmint. For when you need to cool the f* down! 😎 Spearmint is our favorite summer cooler as it’s just magic for alleviating heat related symptoms like headaches, agitation, muscle pain and cramps. We love adding a few drops to our bath before bed to help lower body temperature and improve sleep quality on those hot summer nights. No need to rinse it off – it’s also a fantastic insect repellant when applied topically with a carrier oil and can help with skin irritation too! Our favorite way to get our minty dose is by adding a few drops to Longevity Tonic with a splash of mineral sparkling water. * bliss! *

3. Frankincense. All these lunar eclipses have you feeling some type of way? Us too. Diffusing frankincense oil can do wonders to uplift our emotions and keep stress levels at bay in cosmically challenging times! It’s also been shown to have ah-mazing immune enhancing abilities, a must for warding off summer colds! Too much sun? Frankincense can also heal skin and reduce signs of ageing from sun damage and environmental stressors. It’s anti-inflammatory, hormone-balancing, digestion-enhancing and has also been studied to kill cancer cells. Seriously divine healing powers in all the ways. ✨

What’s your favorite oil? Let us know by sharing this post and replying in a comment!

Happy travels summer lovers xoxo