4 Reasons Cleansing is ESSENTIAL in Fall

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It was a hot summer, and your body totally felt it! If you’re anything like us, you may have found yourself on double time this summer, active and on-the-go and fueled by the firey energy! It’s also no secret that cooler temperatures are around the corner, and our bodies are going to react a little differently.

Ever gone from the hot sunshine into an air conditioned building? It can quite literally feel like a shock to the system, and many people will develop a cold from it! The same thing kind of thing happens with seasonal change. Without a solid middle, we can become victims of extremes. So we’re here to remind you how important it is to step into a new season mindfully, and the best tools you can use to stay in vibrant health no matter what.

In eastern medicine systems like TCM and Ayurveda, it is known that health in winter comes from how well we transition into it, i.e. how healthy we were in the Fall! You quite literally create your winter body NOW in this transition. So what’s it gonna look like?

We say cleansed, strong and vibrant. Because that’s pretty much how we deserve to feel all the time. And in case your resolutions didn’t stick this year, maybe now is the time to commit to what you deserve too!

Here’s the 4 top reasons why honoring your body with a Fall Cleanse is truly essential this Fall:

1. Detoxification and Autophagy.

When we give the body a break from digesting food, it has so much more energy to focus on other things like optimizing detoxification and cellular function in every organ! One great mechanism this works through is called autophagy, which is basically cellular cleanup: your body literally takes the initiative to clean out damaged cells and regenerate new ones. Studies show that this is the key to an improved human lifespan over time, and it has been shown to reduce inflammation, generate improvement in daily bodily function, prevent or delay neurodegenerative diseases and increase longevity!

2. Metabolism Reboot.

Cleansing is THE BEST way to jump-start fat loss when you do it right! Just like how we can’t inhale without exhaling first, we can’t nourish without detoxifying first! A cleansed body is way more efficient at utilizing nutrients, including those that keep your metabolic rate in a healthy range.  Cleansing is also a great opportunity to get more in tune with your body, and you will likely feel more energized and inspired to move it more and get back to your fitness rituals.

3. Immunity Strengthening.

During transition seasons like Fall and Spring, our bodies become more open and susceptible to the environment. We can be more prone to colds and weakened immunity. So we like to think of it as the perfect opportunity to get back to basics and bulletproof our immune systems and bodies the best we possibly can so that winter feels strong and healthy too! A detoxified and nourished body is the best preventative strategy there is 🙂

4. Mental and Spiritual Clarity.

There’s one more major and undeniable effect that all the benefits of cleansing have on us at a deeper level. There’s something amazing that happens when we cleanse, whether you call it emptiness or purity, the process of releasing is super transformative on every level and can greatly help us to manage stress levels and amp up our self care. Many people experience an altered state of clarity and calm! It’s the perfect chance to regain focus, evaluate goals, set intentions and turn over a brand new leaf.

Pretty amazing how just a few days of commitment can transform your health for months to come! So are you ready to freshen up your mind, body and spirit for the new season?

If you’re feeling inspired to cleanse or want to learn more, please get in touch with us at info@lovegracefoods.com with any questions you may have – we’re here for you every step of the way!