4 Unlikely Superfoods You’re Eating this Holiday

Mike O'Brien Health, Love Your Body

If you’re anything like us, this time of year is when seasonal cravings hit hard! But should we really feel guilty for abandoning our trendy unicorn superfood powders for simpler staples? We dove deeper into research on our favorite fall flavors, and it turns out they are way more healing and super-powered than we give them credit for!


Don’t underestimate the power of this everyday fruit! You don’t always need to get the trendiest super-berries to get your does of antioxidants – apples are packed with them! They’re also rich in flavonoids and extremely beneficial to heart health. And they may also provide you a little hangover prevention – apples are rich in malic acid, a potent liver cleanser!


Did you know that a serving of pomegranate has more anti-oxidants than a glass of red wine?! Even more reason to cleanse your palette with this seasonal gem. It’s also very rich in vitamin C, so it’s perfect for keeping immunity strong this time of year! In Traditional Chinese Medicine they are also used to nourish the spleen and the lungs, and the seeds are even prescribed for persistent coughs!

Sweet Potato

As if the thanksgiving vibes weren’t cosy enough, there’s something so comforting about knowing that our celebratory foods are nourishing our bodies, don’t ya think? One of our favorite holiday staples, sweet potato is a potent anti-inflammatory that helps to combat the effects of stressors on the body! Speaking of stress, it’s magnesium content can also aid in reducing stress levels and anxiety! It’s also abundant in Vitamin A and keeps our vision 20/20!


Rich in Vitamin C, copper, and fiber! In traditional Chinese medicine, boiled pears with honey are used as a medicine for lung problems like bronchitis – if you’re prone to stuffy noses and chest colds this season, make this your go-to bed time snack! Make sure you drink the water from the boiled pears most importantly to get the nutrients of this Yin nourishing recipe.


We love this grounding root veggie for it’s lower glycemic index to help keep our blood sugar levels stable! Also along with its high fiber content, rutbagas are an awesome addition to any diet if you’re trying to manage weight! But even more magical – did you know it’s also rich in sulfur rich compounds that have been shown to reduce the growth of cancerous tumors?! How super is that!?


Thank you, earth, for providing us with these magical plants and everything we need throughout the seasons! 🙏💕