5 Reasons Watermelon is forever our summer superfood

Mike O'Brien Health, Love Your Body

It’s officially summer when this baby is back in season!

Watermelon is forever one of our favorite fruits and key summer staples, and we get sooo excited when it’s back in season and ready to be juiced again! We’re not just talking about sweetness – despite being 92% water, watermelon is full of nutritional benefits that make our bodies happy in all the ways!

1. Naturally Cooling.

Did you know the reason you crave watermelon in the summer is because it has ‘cooling’ properties according to Eastern Medicine? So you can avoid all the tummy aches from iced drinks (really extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on our digestive systems), and enjoy fresh watermelon’s cool essence freely! It’s also rich in potassium and a natural diuretic, aiding in water and electrolyte balance throughout your body even in that dehydrating sunshine!

2. Heals inflammation (including sunburns!).

Healing traditions all over the world have prized watermelon for it’s ability to cure heat conditions, such as rashes, sore throats, summer fevers and acne. You can even splash some watermelon on your skin for some cooling relief as you would use aloe vera, or rub the watermelon rind on a freshly cleansed face for a naturally soothing and hydrating face mask!

3. Anti-oxidant rich.

You’ve probably been told to ‘eat the rainbow’ – and rightfully so, because each natural pigment has a special functional phytochemical needed for optimal health. Red foods mean lots of lycopene, the anti-oxidant phytonutrient that’s naturally beneficial for heart and bone health amongst many things. It’s most notably found in tomatoes – but the verdict is in, watermelon actually beats tomato on the lycopene scale!

4. Keeps things flowing.

The naturally occurring Citrulline in watermelon has been linked to increased blood flow, in ehm… all areas. It’s used by athletes for recovery as it relaxes blood vessels and can aid in faster recovery of sore muscles and heart rate regulation. These circulatory benefits have even accredited watermelon to be a natural cure for erectile dysfunction! Drink up boys 🙂

5. Beautifying.

Naturally rich in vitamins A, B6 and C, Watermelon can saturate your cells with all your body needs to keep your hair, skin and nails healthy and your immune system strong so you can literally glow from within. Hello summer radiance!

We love it so much that naturally we created a Watermelon Cleanser blend to celebrate it’s season! A best-selling favourite since forever, it’s the perfect summer refreshment balanced with hints of hibiscus, ginger and lemon. Yep, we gave even more super powers to this magical melon and it tastes just as healthy as it is! Cheers to a more vibrant and juicy you this summer 🍉