5 Ways To Live Clean at Home

Love Grace Health, Love Your Body, Love Your Mind

We’re exposed to so much in today’s world. Walking around in cities we inhale polluted air. And in our homes, we’re not always so safe either. Everyday household products are loaded with hidden substances that can pose huge dangers to our hormones and neurological health! Toxins and chemicals can enter our bodies from some of the most unlikely and not-so-clean sources:

1) Laundry detergents

Commercial detergents are jam packed with chemicals, pollutants and artificial substances that harm our health. Surfactants in detergents release the chemical benzene, which has been linked with cancers. If you’re seeing any chemicals, chlorine, phosphates or perfumes in your detergents – make the switch. Keep it organic and natural.

2) Skin products

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it actually absorbs over 80% of what you put on it! Naturally, you don’t want to absorb too many nasty things. The skin functions to keep out toxins, so let’s work with it on that. With that said, it is a pretty good detoxifier, so if you find yourself using a drugstore after-sun on vacation this summer, your skin will survive it. It’s all about being educated when it comes down to skin products – let’s try to minimize the amount of pollutants we allow onto our skin! Synthetic chemicals in commercial products are extremely damaging to our health. And if even for the sake of vanity – go organic if you want clear, wrinkle-free glowing skin.

3) Cleaning products

There are many known toxic effects to the sprays and bleaches we scrub our houses clean with – it is no secret, since almost ever product advises us to wear gloves and avoid breathing in the fumes! Shockingly, legislation does not require these products to list all ingredients on their labels, so you may have gone until now unaware of the fact that you are scrubbing your countertops with petrochemical derived substances! Switch to green products, or better yet, try out alternatives like vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda on your dirty surfaces!

4) Toothpaste

Despite what your dentist may have told you, fluoride is really not good for us. Science has linked fluoride intake to bone problems, reproductive issues, brain damage, arthritis, thyroid issues and pineal gland damage – the tiny, remarkable gland responsible for our wake / sleep cycles and our capacity for spiritual understanding. Don’t limit yourself or your health – switch to fluoride-free toothpaste and avoid tap water!

5) Candles

Remember that toxic benzene in our laundry detergent? Most candle wax burns to emit the same chemical, among others that are no good for the body. You wouldn’t sit in a room burning diesel fuel fumes, so avoid poor quality chemical candles – they both emit some of the exact same toxins. Some research says candle fumes are as toxic as second hand smoke. Stick with non GMO soy candles, beeswax candles and essential oils to keep your home clean and smelling amazing!