5 Ways to Start Using Your Potential

Love Grace Health, Love Your Mind, Love Your Soul


We’re aware of our strengths. We’re aware of our weaknesses. But when it comes down to it, we only tap into our strength where we find it first.

I’m talking about the mind and the body. If we know we’re good with words, arguments become our weapons when we fight. If we know our left knee is stronger, that’s the side we put most of our weight on when we walk and work out. Many of us have taught ourselves to lean on our strengths, while ignoring the rest of our potential.

Let’s find that potential. Let’s find strength in the whole, not just the parts:

1. Get to know your body.

When we don’t understand the interdependence of each muscle and joint in the body, we don’t always use them efficiently. Ever feel like you prioritize one side of the body over the other? Body awareness can help you learn to use the body as an instrument rather than a tool. Yoga, martial arts, and meditation can help you restore balance and function. Healing bodywork like Rolfing and shiatsu can also be amazing catalysts to gaining body awareness!

2. Watch your emotions.

Our predispositions and life experiences usually lead us to react to the same situations with the same emotions. As a result, we experience the same outcomes. Daily practices like journaling and breathing can help you acknowledge when certain emotions show up too much. Awareness can provoke you to choose a different reaction next time. Acting from a place of truth rather than habit can expand your relationship with yourself and others.

3. Eat more variety.

If we revolve our diet around the same ingredients and food groups, we don’t nourish the whole. No need to restrict your intake to limited nutrients. Each organ requires different nutrients to thrive. If you find yourself eating the same meals over and over, switch it up! Your body can only fulfill its potential when you give it everything it needs.

4. Switch things up.

Repetitive experience can be limiting too. Structure is useful only until it limits us. Try something new every week that you’ve never done. A new hobby, creative outlet, or social activity could unlock a strength you never knew you had!

5. Expand your mind.

Building new strengths is only possible with an open mind. Believe that you can always expand your abilities, and you will. We want to get to a place where every emotion, body part, and capability is at our disposal when we need it. Let’s trust that this is possible, and stay open to evolving in every way!

Isabella Gucci-Ruffalo