7 Holiday Gift Ideas That Require Zero Spending!

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Photo Credit: KSENIA_L, Favim.com

Photo Credit: KSENIA_L, Favim.com

The holidays are upon us and the spirit of gifting is in the air. We know checking everyone off your gift list can get expense, especially if you’re fortunate enough to have a large circle of loved ones. That’s why we came up with a spending-free gift guide that’s full of creativity and thoughtfulness!

Here are 7 meaningful gift ideas that won’t drain your bank account this season:

(Not your typical) gift certificate.

Instead of spending money on a big corporate store or restaurant gift card, create your own! Offer your friend or loved one a free service like house cleaning, mowing the lawn, babysitting or cooking a meal. This not only shows more thoughtfulness, it also fills a real need.

Pass on used merchandise.

Seems cheap, right? But re-gifting is actually a great way to de-clutter your space and give back. Perhaps you have a piece of jewelry you never wear that a close friend has always admired or an old iPhone tucked away in a drawer that your nephew would be thrilled to unwrap. There’s no reason to buy more merchandise when you may have some quality gems at home.

Create a book.

Maybe it’s a book of love poems for your significant other, a book of motivational quotes for a friend going through a tough time or a picture book for your kids. It’s always fun to get creative, and adding your personal touch becomes the most thoughtful part of gifting.

Plan an activity day.

What a nice surprise to receive the gift of time together. If you’re the active type, plan a bike ride and nature walk equipped with scenic routes and maybe even a treasure hunt! Is relaxation more your speed? Giving a massage with essential oils or setting up a nice bath could be the most appreciated gift of all.

Offer your talents.

Are you a fitness instructor? Music teacher? Math wiz? Bi-lingual? Tutoring services and private classes cost a pretty penny, so why not give the gift of your expertise this year. If you know someone that would appreciate your skills, create a services package that includes timing based on your availability.   

Share a playlist.

There are so many music download applications that offer free song sharing. Create a playlist for someone special or a list of songs that remind you of your time together. Or perhaps, create a soothing playlist for someone who always seems stressed.  A few songs can go a really long way.

Use your words.

You’d be surprised to hear how many people prefer to receive a phone call from their grandchildren or hear how much someone appreciates them face-to-face rather than in a card. Pick up the phone and tell someone you love them. Give someone close an extra hug. Or tell someone distant you’re thinking of them. This openhearted communication really expresses the true meaning of holiday spirit.