8/8: A Date to Begin and Create

Love Grace Health, Love Your Mind, Love Your Soul

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What does today have in store for us?

Numerology, the study of numbers and their specific vibrations and personalities, allows us to take a closer look at dates or numerical combinations as indicators of the energy they carry and their supposed influence on future life events.

Today’s date, 8/8/2018, has three 8’s, making it an extremely significant day in many cultures.

In numerology the number 8 represents infinity, balance, and power. In Chinese culture, 8 is considered a sign of luck and wealth. In the Kabbalah, 8 is the number of God. The shape of 8 on its side is also the symbol of infinity.

8 is also the number of karma, the idea that with every action there is a reaction that comes around with it. The number 8 signifies that with persistence, continuation and repetitive cycles of hard work, our actions can eventually manifest into material success.

Today is said to be a day of increased energy and focus, and enhanced self confidence. It is supposedly an ideal day to begin a business or physical pursuit, or initiate a long term commitment of any kind.

We can use the vibration of the number 8 to manifest what we want to create and last. The number 8 has been described as a karmic equalizer; a force that creates just as easily as it destroys. Now is a time to reflect on what we have been creating up until now with our thoughts, actions and intentions. Now as 8 is showing up, we may begin to reap what we have sown.

If you haven’t yet set an intention for the future, today is the day to do it. Decide where you want to go, what you want to leave behind and focus your awareness on the parts of your life that you want to grow. Be clear, as today’s energy could amplify the power and lifetime of the intentions you have for the future.

On this day of spiritual abundance and high vibration, what are you inspired to act on?

Maybe today can mark a fresh start to a sustainable, long lasting health or fitness routine. Maybe today will be a day of romantic commitment or even marriage. Maybe today will be the day you decide make that huge financial investment or business deal.

Take a few minutes out of today to get clear with yourself, so that you can make the most of this abundant energy. It is available to you throughout August, the 8th month, but don’t wait to take advantage of today’s infinite potential!

Happy 8/8!