The Asian Summer Breakfast You Didn’t Know You Needed

Love Grace Health, Love Your Body

This summer is extra hot around the world, in most countries the hottest for 100 years! With all the AC, cold drinks and changing temperatures around us, we are especially prone to a weakened immune system, respiratory system, and digestive system. We know that summer makes us sweat and this is how it should be, so that toxins can leave the body. But certain foods can help give us that extra balance we need to keep healthy this season.

Mung beans

Traditionally used in nutrition for body detoxification, and Chinese Medicine uses them to open the pores and allow the body to sweat. Besides this, western nutrition prizes them for being dense in protein, fiber, magnesium, folate and many nutrients.


Apart from being great for the thyroid and kidneys, seaweedis also an incredibly alkaline food. Pair it with alkaline mung beans and you have the perfect pH balancing combination, in a season where we get extra hot and acidic.

Rock Sugar

Hear me out on this one – white sugar gets a bad rep for its calorie content, but traditional medicine looks at each ingredient from a different and holistic perspective. Ayurveda uses white rock sugar, or mishri, as a traditional remedy to relieve coughs and sore throats. Chinese medicine also prizes this sugar for its ability to clear out white mucus from the respiratory system – perfect for those summer colds! Rock sugar is healthier and less refined than table sugar, but if you’re still not sold on it, swap for honey in this recipe instead.

This recipe is incredibly balancing in summer, and is very beneficial to the immune system and digestive system. Starting your day with this nourishing breakfast can help to improve harmony in the body in summertime so that the rest of the year, we stay in balance as well. This is a nutritionally amped twist on a very popular traditional Chinese medicine summer dish!


3oz (sprouted) mungbeans

1oz kombu seaweed

½ oz white stone sugar


Soak both mung beans and kombu in 4 cups water (adjust to how thick you want recipe) 1-2 hours

Bring to boil in the same water for 40 mins

Add rock sugar with heat off

Let cool

Optional – puree/blend for a sweet morning porridge texture depending on preference!

Serve cold or hot.

Expect more energy and better digestion throughout your day!