Beautiful Skin Smoothie

Love Grace Health, Love Your Body

Goddesses and lovers,

valentines day is approaching.

So this month we’re focusing on the theme of LOVE. And you don’t need to be paired off to join in.

Our real focus is self-love. This is the time of year we want to get back to feeling sexy, beautiful and nurtured. It’s the time of year we think that everyone should carve out an extra hour for bath-time, massages, meditation or whipping up some beauty food in the kitchen.

Because the glow we are all searching for starts within.

So here’s the smoothie we’re turning to each morning, to get the glow back deep within our cells. We’ve created a super-food, skin-beautifying, cleansing and hydrating recipe that will get you in the February spirit.


1 aloe leaf / 3 tbsp aloe juice for gut healing + skin hydration.

½ pack blueberries for anti-aging antioxidants.

5 jujube dates to keep the skin energized with oxygenated blood, boost cell regeneration and youthfulness.

1 tbsp chia seed powder to combat aging and promote healthy elimination.

1-2tsp manuka honey for immunity, antibacterial benefits and skin and gut healing (adjust to taste)

1 1/2 cups water

You’ll notice many of these ingredients are cleansing for the intestines – because that’s where skin health really begins. Healthy digestive system = healthy glow. For this reason, we recommend drinking this super-smoothie first thing in the a.m. to gently detoxify the body before the day ahead.

Cheers to beautiful you! xoxo