Berries, Berries, Berries… And The Perfect Berry Bowl!

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April is here and it’s all about BERRIES. Ripeness. Juiciness. Fertility. Colors. Sweetness. Creation.

So here’s a recipe that involves all of the above – a superfood berry, nutrient-packed and love-filled acai bowl that’s a perfect start to your day alongside your green juice. Feel your body wake UP to spring!

This time of year we start to wake up excited again; we’re closer to summer, life feels adventurous and juicy. We want to feel our most vibrant and strong so we’re ready to show up for the deliciousness of right NOW.

The superfood berries in this recipe are all incredible gifts from nature that have been around for thousands of years – combining them will give you a high, rejuvenating dose of antioxidants that can fight against inflammation, aging, cholesterol… and promote youth, vitality, and glow.

Why so super, berries?

Acai Berry is very high in antioxidants which studies have shown to reverse oxidative stress and contribute to healthy skin and weight loss.

Camu Camu Berry is the highest known source of vitamin C, which numerous studies have demonstrated as key for supporting the skin’s collagen production and reducing wrinkles and dryness.

Maqui berry was traditionally used by the indigenous people of Chile for treating sore throats, tumors, diarrhoea, ulcers, and other illnesses. Recent research from the University of Chile has shown maqui berry has a very powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the body.

Mangosteen has been traditionally used as a medicinal treatment in South Asia for a variety of skin problems. Current research indicates the properties of mangosteen to be effective against several cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Goji Berry was traditionally used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for longevity and is an adaptogen that has been found to boost levels of Human Growth Hormone in our bodies which declines as we age.

Mulberry is a favorite Traditional Chinese Medicine go-to, used to help various conditions particularly those involving blood sugar control. Scientists have discovered evidence to validate this traditional use to support healthy blood sugar levels.



2 packs of frozen, pure Açaí purée
1 Organic Banana
3 oz Coconut water
2-3 Pitted Dates
1 tsp Mangosteen extract
¼ tsp Camu Camu powder
¼ tsp Maqui powder

Top with:

Goji berries
Shredded coconut flakes
Hemp seeds

There’s SO much magic and condensed nutrition in every spoonful. Allow yourself to take it all in; all the berries, nutrients, flavors, sunlight, springtime air, colors, beauty.

…the entire experience of this time of year…

…one spoon at a time.

And feel yourself glow!

Written by Love Grace Brand Ambassador, Isabella Gucci-Ruffalo