Boost Your Mind and Spirit With These 10 Life Hacks

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Love Grace Take Charge

In a time of nation-wide polar vortexes, minimal daylight and pre-holiday shopping stress, we know it’s hard to stay positive ALL the time. When you’re down in the dumps, not even a swig of green sunshine could possibly lift that glum energy! Trust me, we’ve tried.

If you’re starting to show signs of low energy this holiday season, see if you can shift your mindset rather than going down a negative spiral. Not sure how?

Here are 10 life hacks that will help boost your mind and spirit:

1. Smile often.

Even if you’re in the worst mood: fake it ‘till you make it. Studies show that forcing a smile when you’re feeling sad can help boost serotonin and trick your mind into thinking you’re happy. Next time you’re stressed or irritated, try stretching those lips from ear-to-ear.

2. Practice authenticity.

Whenever you’re pretending to be someone you’re not, your mind and spirit are not aligned. Feelings of anxiety and depression often stem from a lack of living your purpose. Once you figure out who you want to be, and shine bright in that armor, you’ll begin to radiate with an aura of beauty and confidence that will guide you along your path and open new doors.

3. Build an amazing support system.

Sometimes when you fall, it can take an army to pick you back up; that’s why everyone should build a reliable circle of friends, family and loved ones. You probably have an idea of those in your life you can trust – keep them close. These are the people that will always be there to brighten your spirit when you’re vibrating on a somewhat dull vibration.

4. Give thanks.

We’re talking about expressing that deep-down, heart-swelling gratitude for everything amazing in your life, even if it’s minimal. Having an attitude of gratitude will drastically shift your thoughts to become more positive, which will ultimately help you create a more meaningful life.

Love Grace Try Something New

5. Step outside your comfort zone.

Feeling comfortable in your life is a wonderful feeling, until you become so complacent that you start to lack creativity. Life happens when you step outside of your comfort zone. Even if that means starting with the smallest step like trying a different commute to work. Imagine what you may discover.

6. Slow down.

Life is not a race. Just because all of your friends are getting married or making more money than you doesn’t mean you’re behind in life. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

7. Listen to your intuition.

It’s that voice inside all of us that’s screaming for attention, but usually gets ignored. Get quiet and let the mind listen inward. Your inner guidance will always speak the truth.

8. Break negative patterns.

Bad habits will keep showing up until we make a conscious effort to break our pattern. Maybe you keep running back to the wrong relationship? Or keep reaching for unhealthy foods? Start breaking your negative patterns by making just one different decision in the right direction.

Love Grace Fill Yourself Fresh Fruit

9. Fill yourself up.

It’s only when we take the time to center ourselves, and nourish our bodies, that we can really tap into our creativeness and compassion. How can you help someone else when you’re coming from a place of emptiness?

10. And of course, drink your juice.

Eating clean is an essential part of boosting our minds and spirits. The minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins found in organic, cold-pressed juices are both natural mood boosters and magical spirit cleansers.