Your Diet Now May Be Damaging Your Grandchildren’s Genes

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We know at this point our diet effects our children’s development directly but did you know it can alter the genes and development of your grandchildren too? Their genes begin to form the moment of your child’s conception. It’s a shocking truth but it just might explain why what we put into our bodies today may determine the health and biology of future generations.

We’ve all heard the hype that GMO’s are ‘bad’, but the story goes beyond that. The monopolized monoculture of GMO’s is undoubtedly detrimental to the environment, but there’s a specific herbicide found more commonly in GMO crops that we need to be aware of. Glyphosate is a herbicide that has been proven to wreck human health, by causing nutritional deficiencies and systemic toxicity. Research has shown that it is possibly the most key factor in the development of western chronic diseases such as cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, autism and several others. Unfortunately, it is one of the most widely used herbicides in the US on conventional and GMO crops.

Studies on Genetically Engineered crops have shown bizarre mutations in both animals and humans. For example, a scientific study done on rats showed a significantly higher mortality rate in baby rats born to mothers who had consumed GM soy – and the surviving rat babies experienced some of over 400 gene mutations such as significantly stunted growth.

If this stuff is getting into our bodies, and we’re reproducing, the consequences will be widespread.

The future of life on our planet really is up to us.

Eating organic is often seen as a fad, but if we think of it in terms of consuming a constant build up of chemicals on a daily basis, maybe we would approach the issue with more urgency. It is not natural for the human body to eat poison.

The more we resist nature and natural health approaches, the more we endanger the generations ahead of us. We must move away from this artificial rejection of reality we have adopted in a society of quick fixes, pills, plastic surgery and disconnection… chemical consuming, toxic bodies should not represent the future of humanity.

And we can only do this by embracing and leveraging nature, so that we can become more in harmony with it.

The good news is – we don’t need to all hide out in the wilderness to keep our bodies wild, strong and thriving. A little bit of exposure to glyphosate is not deadly – especially not to a resilient body. It’s the high concentrations in a non-organic diet mixed with a junk-filled die, drugs, etc that will get us into trouble. There’s a reason not every urban-dweller is doomed to develop cancer and chronic disease – some bodies and lifestyles have been endowed and tailored to build resilience. When we’re in a dynamic state of balance, the load can never get too heavy. Regardless of how polluted our world may be, it still grants us accessibility to all the solutions we need to allow the body to repair. We all have the opportunity to re-wire our immune system and strengthen the body to adapt and defend itself from our modern external dangers:

Get outside.

By all means, more time in nature may be the perfect start of a healing lifestyle, even if we can’t live in the wilderness forever. Just 20 minutes a day of nature connection can be incredibly detoxifying, whether it be walking barefoot on the grass or swimming in the sea. The negative ions are there to pull toxins from our bodies. The sunshine is there to recharge us and strengthen our life force. Get outside, and back in touch with healing nature.

Get moving.

You don’t need to join a gym or buy class packages for this – the key to longevity is not bootcamp, but daily movement to get our qi flowing. Move your body daily, even if it’s just a stroll and a stretch some days. Think less in terms of fit and more in terms of open. Because that’s what exercise does – it opens us up and frees our meridians from blockage and disease.

Get nourished properly.

How we fuel ourselves has a huge impact on how efficiently we build immune resilience on a day-to-day basis. We need to be nourishing the body with raw materials that it can use to self-repair. Keyword is ‘organic’, so that food really does all the nourishing it can do without any consequences. Eat fresh, eat seasonally, eat plants and greens, and eat anything and everything wild and pure you can get your hands on – no need to label your eating habits with ‘vegan’ or ‘paleo’ – focus on where it comes from, and how you’re eating it: with presence, gratitude, and an intention heal and enrich every cell in your body.

Isabella Gucci-Ruffalo