The DIY Holiday Gift Everyone Will Love.

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Natural Beeswax Candles

There’s always that one person you forgot to buy a present for. Or maybe you spent all your money already. Or don’t have time to shop before the big day.

It’s ok – mercury is in retrograde after all. Luckily, we discovered an awesome DIY gift that’s so easy to make.

Homemade Beeswax Candles. We totally recommend you make these one day anyway, because most candles on the market are basically poison. Most candles are made paraffin, made from petroleum based wax (yes, like petrol – that you put in your car). It’s been scientifically proven that when these candles are burnt, they emit harmful toxins into the air – not to mention the toxins that are emitted from burning the lead-based wicks.

So here’s your natural alternative (and maybe even your new favourite hobby):


  • – 12 oz. beeswax, roughly chopped
  • – 12 oz. coconut oil
  • – 1-2 tbsp essential oil of choice, if desired (smells faintly of honey with no added scent)
  • – Mason jars of your chosen size (this recipe makes about 2 pints of candle wax)
  • – Square braided cotton wick
  • – Wooden sticks, skewers or pencils
  • – Newspaper to keep your house clean J
  • – Large glass measuring cup

How to make

  1. Put 12 oz. of beeswax in a large glass measuring cup. Place this cup in a pan filled with a few inches water – heat with medium heat (make sure it’s not too hot).
  2. Cut wicks to a length that is a few inches taller than your jar. Dip each wick into the melted beeswax and allow to dry on some newspaper. If you have trouble straightening out the wicks – use some skewers to help.
  3. Add the coconut oil to your melted beeswax, stir carefully.
  4. Add Essential Oils if desired
  5. Pour around ½ inch of the hot mixture into a jar – immediately follow by placing a wick in the center so it touches the bottom. Hold it in place until the wax hardens. Do this with each jar
  6. Place a stick / skewer horizontally rested on top of the jar. Gently start to wrap and coil the top of the wick around the skewer – this will make sure the wick is secured and straight.
  7. Finish pouting the hot wax to fill each jar – leave about a centimetre of space at the top of them.
  8. Let cool for 12-24 hours.

Wrap + gift 🙂 Happy Holidays love tribe! xoxo