Drink This! Not That! Ways To Kick That Energy Up

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Love Grace Drink This Not That

Why is it that some days you may feel like you have a limitless amount of energy and other days you can hardly find the strength to get out of bed? Perhaps, it’s time to check in with your beverage consumption. You’ve heard it before: you are what you eat. But what if we told you: you are also what you drink!

Let’s take a look at some of the damaging liquids that may be affecting your energy, mood and focus.

Diet Sodas

1. Diet Sodas

Diet soft drinks may seem like the healthier option, but these bubbly bevs are loaded with chemicals including artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose . People who regularly consume diet soda often report issues including headaches, mood swings and even weight gain. Most importantly, these so-called ‘diet’ drinks have ZERO nutritional value.


2. Juice From Concentrate

Fruit juices are typically sold in concentrate to increase its shelf life in your local supermarket. Advertising has done a really good job of making these juices seem like a healthy alternative to eating fresh fruit, but as juicing experts we care to disagree. These processed juices are proved to have fewer nutrients and are high in fructose and acidity.


3. Caffeine

A cup of coffee is probably the only thing keeping you awake throughout your day – we get it! But caffeine works on the adrenaline centers of the brain and can lead to anxiety, insomnia and adrenal exhaustion. Caffeine is also very addicting, often causing irritability and cloudiness of the mind.

Ready to make some #healthylifestyle changes? Try some of our mood-boosting juice alternatives:

  1. Super Cider: Apple, Carrot, Ginger & Lemon

Making healthy lifestyle changes is so much about finding your glow from the inside out. That’s why this orange beauty is loaded with tons of minerals to beautify your hair, skin and nails. Sweet and warming, you’re sure to feel more awake and revitalized after a few sips of cider.

  1. Purify: Coconut Water, Celery, Chard, Spinach & Cucumber

One of the most common diagnoses for exhaustion is dehydration. So, we created a super hydrating and nutrition filled juice cocktail! Purify is a bright combination of green juice and coconut water. It’s a simply sweet and perfect way to boost your mood and re-energize.

  1. Ginger Bomb: Orange, Ginger, Lemon, Oregano Extract & Himilayan Sea Salt

Don’t be fooled by its small size. This little one will keep you fired up and feeling incredible. The combination of these five stomach-soothing ingredients helps keep the metabolism up and the internal fire strong. This anti-bacterial powerhouse is also good for healing the gut of any internal inflammation or other digestive issues.

Don’t let energy sucking beverages leave you lethargic and unmotivated on your #healthylifestyle journey. It’s all about taking control of your health. By choosing to nourish your body with healthier ingredients you’ll start to create a positive shift in your mindset, appearance and eventually your life.