How to get Fall-Ready the Right Way

Love Grace Health, Love Your Mind, Love Your Soul

Summer is coming to an end, it’s nearly back to school back to work season already. But we’re not there quite yet. We’re in the transition period. Fall is about transitions, the in-between, the not-so-clear-cut middle of things that can be so hard to understand and appreciate for us humans. The space in between things that’s frustratingly abstract yet possibly the most important part of it all.

This is the season that teaches us about letting go to what we got so caught up in – the brightness of summer. And it’s about allowing beautiful things to decay, leaves to fall, everything to change, and trusting that it will come back next year.

It’s easy to skip this in-between moment and leap straight into work-mode as soon as Labor Day ends. But there’s another way we can approach this- with steady presence. How can we really show up here for this transition, and flow into the fall without the stress of change?

1. Go slowly.

Let that summer spirit linger as you get back into the swing of things. Let it teach you something about how routine can still be embellished with the fun, lighthearted spirit you learned in summer. Keep an open mind with how you work and play, and avoid falling into that “back on the grind” mentality unnecessarily – studies show stress levels and negative emotions actually hinder productivity.

2. Start to ground yourself.

Slowly get back into the things that ground you. If you ditched your yoga or mindfulness practice this summer- that’s perfectly ok. Just because you did it daily in the spring, you can start easy and take it day by day again. If you wake up craving it- go for it. But don’t force structure on yourself too quickly. You know you’re capable of discipline, so why force it? When you get back into practice, make it present and make it real. Then it will all come from there.

3. Keep it seasonal.

As the temperature beings to drop and the fall season begins to unravel, we want to begin switching our diets to suit it. The juicy fruits of summer may no longer be local in your market, so don’t go out of your way to cling on to those flavors with imported produce. Your body wants what your location and season has to offer in that moment, that’s how your body stays in balance and in tune with the seasons. Gradually add more grounding rout vegetables into your diet, start steaming your greens and take advantage of the special harvests of the season!