Got Juice? How To Choose The Right Recipes For You

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Although we’d like to believe all of our fellow juicers are as obsessed as we are with green drinks like Purify and Green sunshine, the reality is everyone has different taste buds as well as specific needs for their body.

Some people may benefit from more restorative recipes, while other, more lethargic, individuals find relief with metabolism-boosting ingredients like the ones found in our Ginger bomb.

How do you know which concoction is right for you? Let’s break it down:

Low energy and irritable? We’ve all been here at some point, right? The first thing to do is investigate, why? Was it something you ate? Are you not getting enough sleep? Running around too much? Are you mineral deficient? Juicing may not solve ALL bad habits but can surely give you a strong nutritional foundation which definitely helps!
Try ingredients like: orange, maca, cayenne and dark leafy greens.

Anxious and wired? These feelings could be a result from pushing yourself too hard without rest or even something more medically driven. However, most of the time it’s due to lack of proper nutrition and restorative exercise like yoga or walking that help you feel more grounded.
Try ingredients like: kale, ginger, beet and carrot.

Digestive issues and weight gain? If you’re working-out a lot, but still can’t seem to shed the pounds, or you constantly feel bloated, it could be a culprit of your diet. Certain food combinations don’t work well with a sensitive digestive system. Juicing is a great way to actually soothe, heal and restore the gut.
Try ingredients like: ginger, lemon, grapefruit, probiotics and aloe.

Foggy mind and difficulty concentrating? Guess what: it’s very likely that you’re consuming too much sugar! It’s been proven that sugar is as addicting as cocaine and can fog the brain if over-consumed. If you’re quick to reach for candy or a pastry, you may want to sip a few of these sweet alternatives.
Try ingredients like: goji berry, cacao, dates and agave.

Dehydrated and lethargic? There are so many people that have no idea they’re tired and sluggish only because they’re severely dehydrated. Without enough water, it’s almost like the body starts running on empty. Symptoms like lightheadedness, fatigue and even nausea may be signals from your body that you need to up your intake of H20.
Try ingredients like: coconut water, lemon, raspberry and kale.

You may feel all of the above symptoms at different times depending on what’s going on in your life. The most important thing to remember is: always listen to your body. If a juice mixture doesn’t sit right, try a different blend of ingredients.  And if you don’t like the flavor, perhaps you just need to give your taste buds some time to adjust!