3 things you didn’t know about meditation (+ the 5 step practice that works!)

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As we wrap up February, we’ve decided to revisit some of the intentions we set at the beginning of 2018. We began the year with a nationwide Clean Living Cleanse – *pure magic btw* where we explored a cleaner eating plan alongside some powerful soul-centered rituals.

Whether or not you find yourself still following your resolutions or straying off course – no need to stress! We’re always here when you feel like a health reset. Deep breath. But as we revisit our resolutions together, we invite you to consider how you’ve maintained your self-care on a deeper level too.

No matter how healthy we eat, over time the body starts to wear and our organs gradually become less efficient. So at some point, we gotta ask ourselves when we plan on properly recharging our batteries; sometimes salads and barre class don’t nourish us quite as deeply as we deserve.

Life requires us to use a lot of energy. The more ‘yang’ (active) your lifestyle is – that goes for mentally active, too – the more you need to make time to recharge energy reserves. Think of it as conserving your life force. Meditation is a rejuvenating yin (passive) activity that can recharge you as effectively as sleep!

Ok, we know you’ve heard all about meditation. And you’re probably familiar with the amazing proven physiological and psychological benefits; emotional regulation, higher immune function, better memory, hormone balance, lowered depression, stress-relief and a lowered ‘fight-or-flight’ response to name a few… You can shift your body from a state of surviving to thriving. Meditation is your body’s best medicine.

But why doesn’t everyone always get the results they want?

Because like most things, we overcomplicate it 😝

A simple and strong foundation is a must if you want to experience the powerful benefits of meditation.

1. Remember, your breath is your tool.

You experience 50,000 – 70,000 thoughts in your mind every single day. That’s up to 48 thoughts per minute – 70% of which are negative and non-serving!!! When you focus your mind on just one thing – the breath – you release your attachment to the many thoughts that flood your mind. Eventually your mind becomes empty and detached from ‘brain traffic’ and you become thoughtless from even consciously noticing your breathing. Your thoughts no longer control you, you develop the ability to control them. There is no simpler or more ancient tool than the breath.

2. You don’t need to be spiritual.

There’s really no need to attach to spiritual concepts or ideas – just focus on emptying the mind, and watch anxiety, pain and worries melt away from your awesome human experience.

3. Yes, you have the time.

Everyone has 20 minutes per day. Skipping the occasional work out for a meditation practice can actually surpass the stress-relief you get from exercise, and also charge up your energy reserves in a way that activity can’t! Meditation is a yin practice that builds energy, unlike yang activity that expends energy when your physical body is moving. Make sure you’re balancing these fundamental energies in your daily life.

Ready to learn our short-cut to longevity + self-healing?

How to meditate:

1. Relax your entire body
2.Practice deep abdominal breathing
3.Concentrate on inhaling and exhaling
4.Eventually just direct attention to your exhale
5.The deeper you go, the mind becomes empty, and you lose your sense of time and place. You’ve now set the perfect daily foundation; get ready for deeper magic results every day.

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Happy Meditating! xoxo