Moon Magic: Full Moon Eclipse in Leo

Love Grace Health, Love Your Mind, Love Your Soul

Moon goddesses,

Get ready for what may feel like one of the most powerful nights of 2017.

A full moon, lunar eclipse and comet – all on one Friday night.

Let’s start with the basics.

Full moons are essentially an illuminating culmination… basically the finale of the month’s culmination of lunar phases. And the bright moonlight and intense yin energy make it a time of illumination. It’s when we can expect to see the fruits of our efforts and intentions – both conscious and unconscious.

Pair this with an eclipse and we could have a radical night ahead of us.

It really may be as intense as it sounds!

Astrologically, it seems there could be a sense of volatility and excitability tonight. This could make us feel super excited, ballsy and impulsive – but we should remember to take a step back and remain grounded as eclipses often come with abrupt changes and massive surprises. It’s likely the unexpected could be a great thing, but either way let’s plan to receive all changes with as much grace as possible.

“This lunar event reminds us that we are our own destiny, even as life takes us forever by surprise…” Sarah Varcas

Perhaps the most pertinent lesson we can take from this is presence. Life really is now; there is no rehearsal. We find this particularly important to acknowledge in the winter when it can be so tempting to hibernate until brighter and sunnier times.

It is only in this very moment that we have the power to show up.

Eclipses show us our shadows. They make us watch and digest the things we try not to look at – the emotions, memories and realities we hide away from. While this may be scary, embracing these things that emerge gives us the opportunity for huge insights and clear decision making in the future.

This is where our power comes from. The honorable and fiery power of the Leo.

Tonight gives us the chance to embody this courage of the Leo – to show up in spite of fear and shadows. To give each moment our all for the greater gift of everyone on this planet – insecurity is one of the most selfish things we could cling to.

“Consider what it is that’s been preventing the flow of joy in your life or your ability to have fun. This lunar eclipse can help release those blockages by helping you become more aware of them.” Chad Woodward

Get creative, express yourself, dance, love and flow with all the joy and chaos that comes your way – you’ll never be ready for it. Now is the time to love with all you’ve got and open your heart even in the most difficult relationships. Channel your passion, fire, anger, and creativity into love and serving others. Stay committed, open and graceful no matter what may come your way.

Our take on this?

  1. Write love notes
  2. Have an impromptu steamy date night with your s.o. – or with yourself. (candles, wine, bath and tarot anyone?)
  3. Work on that art project you’ve been putting off
  4. Dance in your underwear in your bedroom
  5. Go out and celebrate with your friends
  6. Write in your journal
  7. Go do that thing that you’re always scared to do and don’t look back
  8. Get outside in the night time air, under the sky. Surrender to the powerful yin, the divine feminine energy. Give thanks. Feel that lunar energy fill you up.
  9. Brainstorm the ways you can be more of service to others
  10. Give thanks to everything

Have a magical night lovers xoxo