Peas: The Perfect Protein

Love Grace Health, Love Your Body

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Want to know the secret to a high energy, super-powered body this summer? It’s nothing fancy. And you’ll now find it in all Love Grace smoothies.

Pea Protein. It’s one of those rare ingredients that is perfect for all of us, whether you’re about that vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free lifestyle or you just love trying new, healthy protein alternatives. Even the most sensitive bodies love it.

There are so many reasons why we deem it one of the healthiest and most sustainable plant-based protein sources! We’re rooting for all our fellow juicers consider it as a replacement for typical chemical and dairy based protein powders. Why?

Let’s start with the roots: peas have been eaten for over 10,000 years by many cultures, and their incredible nutritional value has been known for centuries. We believe health is about getting back to simplicity. To purity. To the wildness and delectableness of nature. Can we get any more true to our bodies than continuing in the footsteps of our ancestors?!

And our own beautiful earth continues to love peas too! They are one of the few plant protein sources without GMO issues!

So now for the technical stuff…

Peas are a great source of superior protein with one of the most impressive amino acid profiles amongst plant-based proteins:

Branched-chain amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine help to maintain muscle health during exercise.

Glutamine aids in restoring nitrogen balance after intense workouts.

Lysine promotes growth and bone health, and is also the precursor of our carnitine, the convertor of fatty acids into energy that helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Arginine helps to boost your immunity, bone and skin health for a glowing complexion.

Peas are also a fabulous iron source and are full of beneficial phenolic compounds with anti-oxidant properties.

Pea protein is extremely easy to digest, and even easier to use! The mild flavor lets you add it to protein-fortify virtually anything without changing taste.

We’ve fallen in love with Pea Protein as a way of adding a perfect nutritional boost to all our superfood smoothies: feel the difference for yourself!


Written by Love Grace Brand Ambassador, Isabella Gucci-Ruffalo