Refining Resolutions with Co-founder Jake Mabanta

Love Grace Health, Love Your Mind, Love Your Soul


With the winter solstice behind us the sun is lingering longer and longer in the sky each day. This understanding awakens hope in human beings and we look to the coming seasons for abundance and betterment. For me Im taking this resolution season as opportunity to recommit to my values and take on new personal vows.

I would say the keystone among these is to simply live in accordance with my self value. From this center, people that I call friend or family can count on me to be my best for them. This means showing up fully for my loved ones and people I serve who can have faith in my word becoming reality. May my character and actions speak for who I am and may any insecurities that might have been driving past actions be replaced by my passion to create. May my presence in this world as a man mean more health and happiness for those I serve and regeneration of the earth.

I vow to elevate my standards of those I choose to keep closest to me and in return offer any value I can to serve the potential of my loved ones. I will safeguard my self perception knowing the actions of others do not reflect on me while opening myself further to grace and wisdom in every challenge. I vow to bring possibility into more situations that seem hopeless in order to tap into the myriad of solutions available and find the best course of action for the highest good.

I see some people lament about how shitty 2016 was, reaching for the next year like its a new page that when turned will snuff out the pain of the past. And I agree, this year was a tough go for many of us but for me I try to see the pain as the gift of the year offered up as my lesson or practice. We practice this principal in Jiu Jitsu by perceiving an aggressors strike or grab as a gift because it quite literally places their body within our control where a well practiced technique can be used. These “problems” I vow to snatch up as quickly as I can and use them to hone my character because they make me better. And the lessons will keep coming undoubtedly.

I chose the image above to invoke the peaceful warrior as an archetype that reminds me to keep present in every moment as if its life or death in a battle. This presence allows the peaceful warrior’s skill to grow with each challenge, sharpening the blade of truth and discipline.

These core values I will revisit throughout the year, and surely throughout my life. I pray that some of my own experience can be put to use for others. With this alignment I couldn’t be more excited for the future. Theres so much available and I believe taking inventory of our core values every so often can only orient the planet towards peace.