How to do a Spring Liver Detox, the Right Way: Part 8

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5 Final Tips to Stay Balanced in Spring


We’ve made it to the end of the 8 part Spring Liver Detox Series, we’ve given you the most powerful recipes to cleanse and care for your liver. Now for some final tips to get your body and mind even more aligned with the energy of this season:

1) Rise early.

The sun wakes up earlier in Spring, and we should too! Nature works in cycles, but not just with seasons – with the 24 hour clock too. According to TCM, 5-7am is the time of the large intestine, the organ that has a close knit relationship with the liver. We want to be up at this time to work with the large intestine and ‘eliminate’. Rise with the sun and make dawn your quiet time to gently stretch and cleanse your body.

2) Balance raw food intake.

Just because the weather is getting warmer, it is not the time to survive off salads and smoothies. You’ll naturally find yourself cutting down and heavy, fatty winter foods. The Spring favors new, young energy so by all means, start adding sprouts, seeds, fruits and spring vegetables into your diet. But make sure to balance this with enough warming foods! Too much cold energy can weaken the spleen and make it prone to ‘dampness’ according to TCM, which actually worsens Spring issues like allergies. Cook your foods lightly for shorter times and higher heat, but don’t abandon cooking all together.

3) Keep your anger in check.

Anger is the emotion that corresponds to the Liver and Gallbladder according to TCM. When the ‘wood’ energy of these organs is high (Springtime), we can be especially prone to anger and irritation. Bursts of anger and fury can indicate that your liver is suffering a little, whereas feelings of stored resentment and repressed frustration may indicate gallbladder weakness. On the flip side, when we let ourselves run wild with these emotions too often, we actually harm the organs. So while we’re doing everything physically to cleanse the liver, it’s important to monitor our emotions too and deal with whatever ‘emotional triggers’ that arise for us. Journaling, breathing, and mindfulness practices in your daily routine can be extremely helpful in learning how to keep your cool.

4) Stay Grounded.

Green is the color of Spring, liver energy according to TCM. Eat green, touch green, feel green! Take time to lie on the grass and root yourself in the ground to get back in touch with the roots that hold you up. Numerous studies show the benefits of ‘grounding’ with the earth – it lifts your mood and boosts your immune system!

5) Breathe!

Adjust your breathing to the season. When you feel your anger flaring, slow and deepen your breath. When you start your day sleepy and early, fire it up! Hit up your local yoga studio to practice the ideal pranayama and asanas for the season – Kapalabhati, dirga pranayama, yoga twists and cat cow poses are ideal for the season! Try out some Tibetan yoga breathing practices that help internally massage the organs, or better yet, treat yourself to a deep abhyanga massage!

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