The Danger in Playing it Safe

Love Grace Health, Love Your Mind, Love Your Soul


“The only security possible is to start enjoying insecurity. Maybe paradoxical but all that is true in life is paradoxical. Truth is a paradox. Love insecurity and it disappears… One becomes thrilled and open.” – Osho

Every moment comes with a huge amount of ambiguity. Ambiguity leaves us with choice, and this can scare us, alot. Choice makes us face the uncertainty and mystery we’re scared of so much in life. But when we realize that life is just an inescapably huge mystery, we can EMBRACE insecurity.

Mostly, we choose to avoid it. Humans are funny beings, we try our best to pretend like we are constrained in order to ‘play it safe’. We stick to schedules, routines and ideologies of a “healthy” or “efficient” lifestyle. Even on days we feel like doing anything BUT what our very humorless ego says we ‘should’, we rationalize a way into forcing ourselves to stick to the plan. We don’t ask ourselves for permission.

We live obsessed with the seductive superstition of security. Addicted to approval of doing the right thing. Even if that action is ‘healthy’ like daily exercise, we push ourselves to create endorphins. We think that if we get results, it doesn’t matter how much discomfort and insecurity we experienced.

There is no harmony in that. No authenticity.

It seems like that’s the price were willing to pay to avoid the fear that comes along with too much freedom. Were scared that if we ‘let ourselves go’, we would go to far. Sleep too much. Eat too much. Work too little. Move too little. So we trick ourselves into using willpower, to become more and more robot like.

Yep, humans are very silly beings. Because it really doesn’t work that way.

How does it work?

It starts with taking a big risk; to make your own rules. By listening to your body and trusting what feels right.

The minute we stop clinging to the false sense of security in our lives, we become present. We realize all we have is this moment, so we choose what feels good. Our ideas of right and wrong become meaningless; we start to crave what feels authentic.

Our ego tells us this is crazy, and that we must maintain control. But micromanaging the huge phenomenon of life – that is impossible. So we can enjoy the freedom to live with more trust and pleasure in every minute. We get back to this environment of joy, and we feel safe again, no longer scared of imperfection, of choosing the wrong path. Life regains its spontaneity and its thrill…

…and we start to find REAL, refreshing comfort in the fact that it is all out of our control.

What is ‘best’ for you will change every day. Accept the ambiguity of every moment and make your own conscious choices how to live it, not based on what you think you “should do”. Discern what FEELS right. Be creative. Your life and your body are a result of your intention, so rather than gripping to fears that make us play it boringly safe, see what happens when we surrender and take risks that make us feel alive…

“…Life grows in the soil of insecurity. Whenever you are insecure you find yourself more alive, more alert” – Osho

We can be happy when things don’t go to plan. We live like we love ourselves. We don’t need approval. We are no longer falsely elevated by living in a certain way. We connect with others. And we become radically authentic.


Written by Isabella Gucci Ruffalo