Healing Summer Solstice Ritual

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Summer may already be in full swing in your books since Memorial Day, but the sunshine season actually begins today!

This solar peak is the longest day of the year, a time we’re experiencing more light, fullness and beaming energy. The perfect time for a symbolic ritual tap into this eternal vital power that nurtures and sustains life everywhere on this planet . It’s no secret that ancient sites around the world were created around solstices and equinoxes to honor our connection to our source of light. We celebrate this day all around the globe – from fire jumping ceremonies, to bonfires and dancing through the midsummer night. It’s a universal celebration of abundance!

In the spirit of all this radiance, we invite you to remember the fullness of life and the importance of connecting with nature and our true selves. Today we take a moment of gratitude for the the bright, warm light that flows through each one of us, gifting us all with life and the responsibility to burn as brightly as we can to light up this planet.

Let’s take a moment to raise our energy so we can regenerate abundance and manifest our dreams!

Tap into this eternal fire through some sun salutations.

Light a candle.

Say a prayer.

Breathe in deeply all that pure life force energy.

Whatever you feel called do, *Focus* on the *light*

We spend much of our time observing the darker things in our world that we’d like to be different, both through the media and social conversations. As we cross over to this new cycle and experience light in its fullest expression, we have the opportunity to amplify our best intentions for ourselves and our planet through a warm, authentic and heart-centered focus on the light.

We have the power to generate growth or destruction in the world…. let’s make this a time of warmth and expansion.

Solstice Ritual Meditation

Sit comfortably, resting your palms beside you facing up.

Take 3 slow deep breaths as you relax into your seat.

Visualize bright white light pouring down from you from above and bathing you in bright healing beams. Feel your physical and subtle bodies glow with its luminescence. Sit with that and feel it grow. Whatever way you can envision it and feel it, go with it.

Now visualize your loved ones receiving this same healing white light, pouring over them.

Finally, start to breathe deeper and expand this light to surround your home, your town, your country, and finally our entire planet. Visualize our beautiful Earth in a ball of white light, surrounded by it, glowing with it. All living things, freed by its lightness.

To close off the meditation, take a moment to envision your deepest intentions for the future, whether a specific goal or simply a vibration such as love.

Commit to using this powerful light to fuel your purpose and make good things come from all your ideas and desires, and having the patience to watch them grow.

Focus your energy back down to your feet, connecting back with the earth energy and integrating your experience.


Thank you sunshine for enlightening us about our true potential, and awakening us to our power over darkness. And for all the warm memories along the way!

The light within each of us honors the light within you.

Happy Solstice! ☀️