Don’t Forget the Prebiotics, too.

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We’ve heard that probiotics are amazing for the gut. These live bacteria can work wonders on the digestive system, and they have been proven to contribute to a healthy immune system and a lower risk of urinary infections.

But like all living things, probiotics need food! Which is why if you haven’t heard of prebiotics yet, it’s about time you start getting to know them.

Prebiotics are really just certain plant fibers that help to feed, nourish and grow the existing good bacteria in the gut. When we eat certain insoluble plant fibers, the body does not actually break them down for digestion, but rather it uses them as a fertilizer for gut bacteria. Prebiotics always reach the gut and travel through the large intestine when ingested, a territory that oral probiotics do not always reach.

You can find prebiotics in most common fruit and vegetables, like apple skins and bean skins. But plants with insoluble fibers are often incredible filling, and it can be difficult to eat them in large enough quantities to satisfy one’s daily 25g prebiotic recommendation.

That’s where choosing the right plant and the right consistency is key. In our favourite pre+probiotic recipe, we use dandelion greens! Dandelion greens are one of the most nutritious green plant around, used for centuries as a liver detoxifier, blood purifier, bonestrengthener… the list goes on. They are incredibly high in Vitamins A, K, C, B6 and minerals calcium, iron, potassium, and manganese. They truly are a nutrient powerhouse and the best part is – they contain 24.3% prebiotic fiber by weight! They are also relatively light as they are leafy greens. We suggest blending them, so you can consume a slightly larger quantity than you might in a salad!

Bananas are also a wonderful source of prebiotics, and go perfectly in most probiotic recipes, even our own! For when you’re on the go, we made the pro+prebiotic balance easy for u with our banana-based, superfood, Probiotic Smoothie.

Fig season (our favourite!) is still around, so we’ve included them too. They are also packed with prebiotics and vitamins and they make everything taste amazing.

The Recipe:

2 cups of your favourite Kefir, or Probiotic Drink

1 Bunch of Dandelion Greens

1 Banana

5-10 figs

Blend together and you will have a cup full of probiotics and prebiotics, guaranteeing you the most out of your probiotic supplements!

Warning: dandelions can be very bitter to taste. Adjust how many you use, and this can always be built upon when you get used to the taste.

Tip: RAW (unpastuerized), ORGANIC, 100% GRASS FED Kefir is best – and if you can get your hands on high quality like this, it will be more nutritious than any vegan kefir. You can also find many kefirs made with coconut water, flax milk, rice milk… choose your favourite! The tastier and richer it is, the less you will taste the dandelions.