Welcome to The Year of The Rooster.

Love Grace Health, Love Your Soul

Saturday was the end the volatile Fire Monkey Year, and the dawn of The Fire Year of the Metal Rooster.

Feng shui can help determine our fate this 2017. It’s all about how the basic elemental energies of the earth interact with each other – earth, fire, water, metal, wood; the positioning of feng (wind) and shui (water). So regardless of what this year has in store for you, keep in mind you can apply Feng Shui to the location of your house, rooms, and energy relationships to manipulate this energy for positive benefit.

fire + metal… what does that mean?

Metal and fire are actually totally opposite elements; fire melts, pressurizes and overpowers metal. The fire energy of this year may be very strong and dominating.

This could be a fantastic thing! We can use this fire to fuel our productivity, confidence, transformation, innovation and seizing opportunity for change. On the other hand, it can also mean much more conflict than normal. Arguments and misunderstandings on a personal level, or opposition and protests on a broader one.

Overall – Rooster year is said to create more opposition for Rabbits who are in Tsong-Tai-Shui (direct conflict), Dogs due to Shin Tai Shui (indirect conflict) and Roosters who will experience Fan Tai Shui (up and down conflict)…. yet Ox, Dragon, Pig and Snake will find much more luck is on their side than last year. The rest of us reside somewhere in the middle!

What’s your sign?

But the great thing is we all have the chance to turn our luck around with some ancient tools:

How to apply Feng Shui to your life to keep good energy flowing this year:

  1. Wear Red! Manicures, jewellery, underwear, anything – just make sure you get it on you, especially all you Rabbits, Roosters and Dogs.
  1. Hold your tongue. This goes out especially to the Dogs who struggle with holding back impulsive reactions, which often gets them into trouble (guess what year our president is born in?) Keep arguments to a minimum and do not engage in conflicts.
  1. Draw blood. If you feel like this year will be tough for you, donating blood prior to the New Year is a way to minimize injury and bad luck in. You can do this until February 3rd when the Feng Shui for 2017 should start being applied.
  1. Be social! Introversion and low-key living can be awesome in a difficult year to plan for the future, but don’t get too isolated or caught up in your head. Allow light, celebrations and joy to be part of your routine. Roosters are very social, and love to chat and bounce ideas off others. Get back into a community that sparks your creativity.
  1. Do good. Engage in community Service, donate to good causes, and help people more. What goes around comes around.
  1. Commit. Roosters can lack courage and perseverance. No matter how passionate or driven they may be to achieve something; they can have trouble keeping their feet on the ground. They’re the type of people that will open a kitchen cupboard and not notice they haven’t closed it again days to come… Stick to your goals, and make a habit out of them – even if it means you’ll be rising and shining with the real roosters at sunrise, that regimented vibe may be just what you need.
  1. Love yourself, not your ego. As one of the most vain signs of the zodiac, Rooster energy can bring a great deal of confidence. But make sure it’s coming from a place of self-empowerment, and then healthy habits and self-care should be effortless. No harm in focusing more efforts on self-promotion this year though – this could be the year that your marketing efforts truly succeed. Take advantage and start leveraging your image or brand.

You’re in more control than you think this year. Keep positive, flexible and malleable like ‘metal’ – but make sure your head stays in the game to help you commit to the changes you want to see.

Good Qi to all! xoxo