Why You Should Be Oil Pulling

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No-one likes morning breath. But there’s another reason we want to clean our teeth first thing in the morning. You know how your body detoxes and digests your day when you sleep? Imagine all those bi-products, all the waste, the bacteria…ending up on your tongue. That’s exactly what happens – so we’re going to want to disinfect our mouths before any breakfast.

Traditional Ayurvedic texts suggest a morning routine that may be the answer to all this bacteria – oil pulling. Basically swishing oil around in your mouth upon waking, oil pulling is a longstanding ritual with a number of benefits that go beyond the mouth:

Better oral hygeine

Oil pulling kills bad breath, cures tooth decay, prevents cavities, whitens teeth (naturally), and heals / strengthens gums!

Improves acne

…and skin rashes too! Oil pulling prevents toxins entering the bloodstream and improves hygiene.

Hormonal balance

…because hormones work best without foreign invaders getting in their way. This may also contribute to improved weight loss!

And most importantly…

A huge immune system booster.

The mouth is a hotbed for bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins – by ridding yourself of all this with the oil and preventing anything nasty to spread within the body, you’re giving the immune system a break from dealing with this extra load of toxins. The lipids in the oil literally pull out toxins from saliva! Regular oil pulling has been shown to reduce internal inflammation and stimulate the lymphatic system, lowering your risk of chronic illness or disease. It is also said to improve kidney and liver function – two organs that play a huge role in the detoxification process (it’s about time we give them a break!) And all this means better energy levels, because you’re expelling toxins before your immune system even has to begin to work at doing it for you!

How to Oil Pull:

Use 1 tbsp of extra virgin, cold-pressed oil (coconut, sesame, olive oil)*

Swish around in mouth for 5-20mins upon waking

Brush teeth with natural, fluoride-free toothpaste

Repeat daily!

*You can add a drop of peppermint / eucalyptus oil or any antibacterial essential oil to enhance the experience and antibacterial qualities! We love Uncle Harry’s Oral Swish – a pre-made oil pulling blend, great for travel.

This ancient ayurvedic therapy really is one of the most natural and efficient ways to detox the whole body – don’t miss out!


Isabella Gucci-Ruffalo