5 reasons you NEED to drink green juice immediately

Love Grace Health, Love Your Body

You look cool holding a green juice.

But why do you REALLY need it?

5 reasons to start drinking immediately if you aren’t already.

1) If you’ve ever been in a car.

Love that new car smell? You are enjoying the off-gasing of toxic chemicals in plastics, solvents, adhesives used in manufacturing. According to the Minnesota Department of Health high exposure to these VOC’s can lead to liver, thyroid, infertility, and kidney issues to name a few. Not in a new car? Those toxins linger long after you are able to smell them. Remember Carbon Monoxide? It can be 10x higher inside a car than outside. Research shows chlorophyll has anti-cancer properties. Dark leafy greens help to build strong red blood cells that carry oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body and help to move toxic chemicals from the blood stream safely out! Let’s go greens!


2) If you’ve ever breathed air.

Our bodies are awesome. They love us. And only want us to function optimally so our lungs, liver, kidneys, our white blood cells work to dislodge poisons and free radicals. However they are coming in so fast (since the Industrial Revolution humans have been exposed to more toxins than humans ever before in history according to the United Nations Environmental Programme.) To see some wild numbers on the toxic chemicals released yearly check this out.  According to research, mineral rich, antioxidant high, chlorophyll (abundant in organic green juices) will naturally bind to these toxins and prevent oxidative stress. Phew. That helps.


3) Eaten at a restaurant.

We do have some AMAZING restaurants committed to farm-to-table and organic local ingredients. However, it’s likely that at some point you’ve eaten fine Mexican food at a high-end NY Times rated 5 star restaurant serving conventional GMO corn tortillas and pesticide sprayed tomatoes and onions diced up so nice in your table side guacamole. Delicious..but not optimal for a superhero. Pesticides are loaded with petroleum, hormone disrupters, cancer causing, harmful chemicals that promote disease. Find out more from Scientist and GMO specialist Dr.Huber on the effects of GMOs. Organic Greens like Chard, Kale, and Parlsey will bind to free radicals and heavy metals and keep your blood rich. Your healthy bacteria in your gut is disrupted by GMO’s and pesticides. Add in potent probiotics to keep your intestinal flora strong for a rockin’ immune system. This is our FAVORITE probiotic smoothie and full of fiber and protein too!


4) Love having energy.

Your adrenal glands are your best friend. They are your energy source. They are easily exhausted with stress, your crazy boss, and that quadruple venti rocket fuel latte. When your adrenals are down it can cause a weakened immune system, endocrine issues (fertility, libido, abnormal menstruation) and that terrible sluggish heavy feeling that makes you NEED  3pm coffee and brownies. Staying super charged with minerals, and adaptogens like Ginger will help to manage cortisol and show those glands a little love. Keep your internal fire strong this season with Ginger, Clove, Turmeric, and Medicinal Mushrooms like Chaga, Reishi, Cordecyps and Lion’s Mane.


5) Are human.

You are alive, breathing, moving, thinking, and having quite the physical experience here on this planet. You’re in a relationship, you’re ending a relationship. You love your job. You hate your job. Your finding balance between work and play.

Natural metabolic processes of a human, like turning food to energy, breathing and moving muscles creates acidic by-products. Your body is awesome. It’s always in the process of finding balance. Perfect temperature. Perfect acidity. Perfect outfit.  Essential minerals help to create balance and the right alkaline/acid balance.  Drench, hydrate and balance with electrolytes in raw coconut water. Your body is a hard working powerhouse. Give it a REJUVENATING BOOST!











take a deep breath.
you’re doing great.
and you look pretty cool while doing it 😉