7 Ways To Take Charge Of Your Life

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Love Grace Take Charge

Life is like a mystery novel- there is so much uncertainty, quite a few epiphanies and a few dramatic breakdowns. All sorts of emotions run wild while countless questions arise: What do I want to do? How can I give back? Who am I?

We know it’s easy to get lost in the craziness and uncertainty of your life journey. It’s okay to get off track. This does not mean you’re off your path.

Here are 7 practices we‘ve found helpful in taking charge of your life:

Be present.

We’re constantly living in resentment of the past or worry about the future when everything that really matters is actually happening right now. Actually the only thing that is happening at all is right now. This is something that takes a lot of practice and awareness. One good tip to presence yourself when you feel your thoughts slipping into the past or getting overwhelmed with the future is to put your hand on your chest. With your hand on the skin of your chest, feel the beating of your heart. Let gratitude come over you while you thank your heart for supporting you. This will help you be here now.

Choose and choose again.

Build your decision-making skills by trusting your intuition and making choices without always consulting other opinions from parents or friends. Your intuition is divine guidance. Only you know the best decision for yourself.


Find peace where there may only been madness by taking just five-minutes a day to sit silently and check in with yourself. You can start with breathing, visualization or walking meditations if you’re brand new to the quiet-mind game.

Learn to let go.

Sometimes we’re so caught up in trying to figure it all out, that we often forget to just enjoy the moment. The more comfortable you become with uncertainty, the happier your life will be. Something to remember in the face of uncertainty or less-than-stellar experiences: we get exactly what we need, when we need it. Trusting that all things occur perfectly for our growth and development will help you remain peaceful. From this place of peace you can take inspired action that will best serve you and your mission.


Being active will help release any tension or negativity stored in the physical body. Try going for a short stroll, an invigorating jog or our fave: finding calm in downward facing dog.

Priorities your time.

Don’t feel obligated to RSVP “yes” to everything you receive an invite for. Saying no can be empowering. Just try it.

Build a community.

It’s important to build a community of like-minded individuals when you’re starting to create yourself. Try to only surround yourself with people who have your best interest in mind. You will find that as you tune into your heart more and more and start to shine, the people that compliment you and your dreams will naturally be by your side. This is your tribe.