Have The Best Day Ever Today By Following This Morning Routine!

Love Grace Health, Love Your Body, Love Your Mind, Love Your Soul


Your alarm goes off and you hit snooze (every time), then rush out of bed panicked. You quickly throw yourself together in five minutes, find your keys and run out of the door – the anxiety is high and your adrenaline is pumping. By the time you get to work, you’re already exhausted. Sound familiar?

If this is your usual morning routine, perhaps it’s time to reassess the way you start the day. Truth is: how you start your morning determines how the rest of your day will go.

Try this uplifting morning routine to set yourself up for the best day ever!

The minute you crack open your eyes, set an intention for the day. Setting an intention is a powerful practice to start your day. Your intent can be something like “Today I am confident. I allow divine wisdom to flow through me. I intend to be patient and listen for others greatness.” or “Life flows easily and effortlessly. I intend to be my best with each interaction.” Carry this throughout your day (in your mind or on paper), so when you find yourself in a stressful situation you’ll always have your intention to come back to.

Set your alarm just 10 minutes earlier to spend some time with your own thoughts. This can be any practice you enjoy (ie. meditation, yoga, journaling, chanting, etc.). Yes, we know spending time with yourself may seem selfish, especially if you have kids, but starting your day with something that’s meaningful to you will set a loving tone for the hours ahead.

Before you brew that coffee, reach for a tall glass of water with lemon! Imagine how dehydrated your body is after 8 hours of recharging, metabolizing, detoxing and healing. Drinking a glass of water – preferably room temperature – first thing in the morning may seem equivalent to gulping down medicine, but your body needs it. That first sip of H20 will run through your body like a stream of hydration waking up all of your organs and senses leaving you ready to take on your day.

Stay offline for as long as possible. Studies show 80% of smartphone users check their Facebook and email the instant they wake up. So, instead of letting your eyes adjust to reality after dreamland, the first thing bringing you back to awareness is harsh, florescent lighting. This habit throws your mind into work/stress immediately upon arising. Imagine what your morning might look like if you, instead, allowed yourself to be fully present with each sip of your chai smoothie….

(We challenge you to wake up tomorrow without checking your phone until you leave your house or apartment!)

These are just a few simple rituals we weave into our morning routine, so we can prepare for those busy days with more presence and compassion. When you start to wake up gentler and more mindfully, you may be surprised how much it shifts the flow of your days towards a more peaceful, grounded and guided direction.