Detox Hack to Get the Most From Juicing: Gelatinous Fibers.

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Ever wonder why we recommend smoothies as part of a juice cleansing detox program?

Let’s think of detoxifying as a whole body process. Every ingredient you consume as part of cleanse expels toxins from a certain organ or body system. Many of us experience a flatter tummy within a day or two of the juice cleanse – but let’s go deeper. Yes, we need to push out old waste from the intestines to experience that flatter tummy – there’s always a little excess waste in there no matter how many colonics you do or how many vegetables you eat. (we don’t want it all gone, a little bacteria is life-sustaining.) But it goes beyond that – we need to help every other organ detoxify too, because the body works as a whole.

If we eat a diet rich in packaged and processed foods, then fiber is likely to be deficient in the body. Even natural grains that we typically associate with fiber often have the husk and fibrous portions removed, leaving just the gluten which remains as a gunky plaster in the intestines if eaten in excess and not balanced with the correct foods. This can bock the absorption of nutrients and lead to toxic buildup – the root cause of many chronic diseases.

When we eat and digest our food, it is normal for toxins to accumulate as a byproduct of the metabolism and digestive process – but it is important that these get out of the body within an appropriate time frame. If the digestive organs are blocked, it takes longer, (constipation), and some of the old waste gets reabsorbed. – too much will eventually force some bacteria into the bloodstream. This waste begins to attract bacteria, fungi, parasites candida…the same way that old fruit begins to rot and develop mould. Virtually every organ will then begin to suffer – the liver, thyroid, colon, pancreas, immune system…

So that’s why we need fiber. It’s present in small amounts in juices, but we need a little excess to really get things moving out of us.

One of the most beneficial and detoxifying fibers we can eat are gelatinous fibers. These nutritional anti-toxin warriors literally act as a sponge to soak up toxins and push them out. Gelatinous fibers like chia seeds, flax seeds, aloe vera, psyllium, slippery elm and seaweed function to detoxify the liver and clean out bile salts, so that they are not absorbed by the small intestine. When the small intestine has less toxins to sort through, it functions smoother and easier. The bloodstream also remains free of unnecessary leaked toxins. This speeds up the whole body’s detoxification process, and strengthens the function of the organs. So the body becomes stronger, cleaner, and more resilient.

Chia Seeds.

You’ll find these in Green Protein and our Organic Herbal Energy products for a reason! These little seeds function as an amazing ‘push’ to expel toxins from the body. They are packed with protein and omega-3’s, antioxidants and fiber that develops as a goo-ey bulk when mixed with water. They are incredibly beneficial for heart health, cholesterol, balancing blood sugar, sustained energy and they make you feel full – this is especially a perk when juice cleansing too! The sticky bulk they form with water literally soaks up and sweeps out toxins from the intestines to aid the detoxification process.

Aloe Vera.

Gelatinous fibers are found in most succulents, but Aloe Vera is especially magical for it’s cleansing effects. It’s gel-like fibers binds to the toxins that are reabsorbed with the bile salts in the small intestine and moves them out of the body via the colon. This takes a load of toxin-removal off of the liver so it can function more effectively to move bile salts through the gastrointestinal tract without letting any more get reabsorbed into the small intestine or the bloodstream! The result – healthy stomach, spleen, and kidneys! You’ll find it in our Beauty Elixir – you can add this on to your next cleanse for extra benefits!


Most seaweeds have a gummy gelatinous mucilage which creates bulk to push toxins out of the body. They have a fiber called algin that binds to heavy metals such as mercury, lead and radioactive chemicals like iodine. Seaweeds are really beneficial for us in the modern world as we are so exposed to heavy metals and toxins from antibiotics, medications, pollution and even fluoride in our tap water – these all need to be expelled from the body to avoid calcification and destruction of the thyroid – your body’s metabolic powerhouse. They’re also so high in calcium and iron and are incredibly beneficial to the kidneys according to Traditional Chinese Medicine!

Flax Seeds.

These can be found in our chocolate superfood and probiotic smoothies, and they function similarily to chia seeds by forming a gooey bulk when mixed with water! Flax seeds are packed with lingans that help to maintain a healthy cholesterol, as well as plentiful in minerals and omega-6. Because of their gelatinous nature like chia, they function as an incredible detoxifier – and also an egg-substitute for vegans or anyone looking to add more fiber to their baked goods!