How to do a Spring Liver Detox, the Right Way: Part 4

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Milk Thistle Tea Time.

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Every good detox makes space for tea time.

And there’s one main tea you’ll need this Spring…

Milk thistle.
Your new favourite healing flower! (if it’s not already). Western medicine has recognized milk thistle as beneficial to liver health. The perfect addition to your Spring cleanse.

Milk thistle’s healing properties have been known since way back in the year 40 A.D. It has been approved as a therapeutic treatment for various liver-related illnesses, such as jaundice, fatty liver syndrome, damage from alcoholism, jaundice, hepatitis and more.

Milk thistle is an antioxidant that attacks free radicals and improves immunity. It contains a group of potent bioflavonoids called silymarin that is proven to protect the liver from damaging toxins like alcohol, pollution, antibiotics, pesticides from poorly sourced food and heavy metals. It is said to literally reverse damage from these nasty things! Silymarin has also been scientifically shown to stimulate healthy cell regeneration in the liver – it is said to be one of the most potent liver-protecting substances known!

Traditional Chinese Medicine has long agreed with these findings. Milk thistle is a true liver tonic prescribed to cool liver heat and nourish and fortify liver yin. Its bitter taste is healing to the liver and aids digestion by stimulating bile flow.

How to use it:

Tea: You can get it as an organic tea of the dried seeds in any herbal shop or health food store. The flavor is pretty delicate and enjoyable.

Tincture: this is your best bet for optimal absorption! The silymarin in milk thistle absorbs better in alcohol than water. You can find an organic tincture and mix it in warm water. It is surprisingly common to find in most health stores!

Tonic: Mix milk thistle tea with turmeric in hot water + a little honey. It’s the perfect anti-inflammatory, liver protecting tonic!


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