Incurable or curable-from-within?

Love Grace Health, Love Your Mind, Love Your Soul

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When something goes wrong in our body, we can feel stuck and helpless. We look at a disease or injury as some evil external force that has cripples our joy, autonomy, and competence.

It’s easy to forget that, in fact, our bodies want to heal, and our cells want to be healthy again. It can seem like the body and the disease are partners in crime, but behind the scenes, every bodily system is hardwired to do its best to fight and ‘repair’ when any damage is done to our bodies. Cell regeneration is a clearly understood aspect of human physiology. Our body is hardwired to love us back no matter how badly it has suffered.

But sometimes it just isn’t strong enough, and it needs our help. Many of us are aware that healing happens on a deeper level: the mind, internal organs, and energy flow within the body govern its health. When you go to yoga or drink your green juice, you are essentially practicing the art of preventative medicine: you are taking care of these more subtle systems in the body and promoting longevity.

Yet, some people visit herbalists, practice yoga, and engage in holistic studies, only to find that “it didn’t help much”. Yes, often, Western medicine is an essential means to recovery, but in other cases there is a bigger reason why all the natural stuff “doesn’t work”: because the patient doesn’t trust it.

The placebo effect is scientific proof that the mind plays a huge part in determining the body’s ability to heal. It’s less about contrived ‘positivity’, and more about deeply trusting that the healing is possible. Like the kind of trust a baby has for their mother: there is no doubt that the mother has its back. Maybe Mother Nature always has our back too.

This kind of trust is perplexingly powerful.

Have you or someone you know given up on Western Medicine? Confused about which natural therapy to pursue? Trusting that the universe, the creator, or nature will look after you stimulates openness of the mind and the heart. Think big: consider your body and its imbalance in relation to the rest of existence. If that sounds a little far-fetched, start with trusting that your body is very smart, resourceful, and eager to work with whatever treatment its cerebral master is giving it. Sometimes we need a rational understanding before we can realize a higher one.

Receptivity is how those people we hear of stumble across that miracle medicine man, healing meditation, or even that one Western specialist who finally understands a rare condition. Beyond that, an ‘open’ individual is going to be more receptive to the actual healing itself, and the body will work more easily with the new energy entering it. Expanding your consciousness and redefining ‘incurable’ can make anything possible.

More often than we think, incurable really does mean curable-from-within.

For those who are sceptical that natural healing is a bit of a stretch: if you want to be stubborn, be stubborn about being open to whatever your body needs to heal. Release doubt. It won’t cost you anything.

At the very least, be curious about what your body may be telling you by communicating with pain and disease. Maybe it has a message that only you can discover, and it’s waiting to be acknowledged so that it can be released. Sometimes every imaginable external ‘cure’ will admit defeat to the power within.

Your healing attempts are not destined for failure…

We are only burdened with as much as we can handle in this life!

Isabella Gucci-Ruffalo xoxo