5 Ways to Ring in 2015 with a Spiritual New Year’s Eve

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Imagine for a moment: a boisterous scene full of sequins, party hats, noisemakers and plenty of champagne. Every year on December 31st, we put pressure on ourselves to partake in something fun and fabulous to bring in the New Year. What if this year, we redirected that energy into doing something spiritually connected for ourselves?

Spirituality is a practice of helping you connect back to your true source of energy. For some people this means going inward through mediation or yoga, but for others it can be recognized through a more social expression such as interactions with loved ones or a journey through nature.

Seeking spiritual awakenings are a gift, and a gift we suggest allowing yourself to receive this year. Here are 5 ways to have a more spiritual New Year’s Eve:

1. Find a new friend.

Developing relationships with other people can be the most challenging yet rewarding way to grow spiritually. Meeting someone new offers fresh energy and personality that could be just what your soul needs. Try striking a conversation with the person behind you at the health food store or joining a new meetup group with like-minded individuals that share similar hobbies. Someone you meet could have a lot of love to offer you or maybe they have the connections you’ve been looking for. On the flip side, there’s always a chance of meeting someone you don’t necessarily vibe with right away. Often, these are the best spiritual teachers as they tend to be a mirror of your own negative emotions and doubts reflecting their existence inside of you.

2. Start a new tradition.

There’s nothing like the start of a new year to begin a new tradition. Perhaps, you start an intimate New Year’s Eve sacred space with your closest friends and family equipped with candles, written intentions, sacred objects and healing crystals. Small gatherings with loved ones brings everyone together, which eventually connects you closer to your own center. Try something different this year that may spark a spiritual tradition.

3. Spend time alone.

There are no rules that say New Year’s Eve must be spent with your friends or significant other. Alone time is so precious because it allows us to listen in and feel what’s going on in the body or coming up in the mind. It’s also the one place we can search for happiness – deep within ourselves. We challenge you to spend some time alone reflecting on the past year and clearly visualizing your future goals. Creating vision boards for your year ahead is a crafty spiritual practice full of intention. If you decide to go for a more reflective evening, get cozy and tune in to this positively peaceful guided meditation.

4. Travel somewhere distant.

When you disconnect from work, technology and responsibilities and learn to let go, the Universe can carry you into new and exciting territories. This feeling of liberation is at the core of connecting to the Self.  When we travel, we embrace uncertainty as a means to experience something new. This trust and fluidity is what opens doors and lets new light in.

5. Try something challenging.

If you want to grow spiritually, try stepping out of your comfort zone – this is where you’ll see positive change start to happen. Challenging yourself may mean going out and doing something more social if you’re an introvert. It may mean staying away from alcoholic beverages all night. Even just committing to have a spiritual New Year’s may be a challenge in itself.  Whatever you decide to do this New Year’s Eve, have zero judgments and show up whole-heartily, so you then carry this spiritual presence through the rest of 2015.