Inflammation Nation + The Buddha’s Hand Remedy.

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Inflammation is a nasty thing. It’s the reason we get sick. It’s the reason we need to juice cleanse. It’s the reason we need to start treating our bodies better. We can’t avoid it passively: inflammation is the body’s unavoidable natural response to injury and external irritants (vitamin supplementation, western medications, antibiotics, vaccinations, and improper diet). Until we take action to reverse the effects of these nasty irritants, our bodies will likely be in an inflammatory state.

Food sensitivities? Allergies? Digestive issues? Excessive sugar or/ carbohydrate cravings? weight gain? low energy? This is what inflammation looks like on the most minor scale. And when things get ignored for too long, chronic disease may be inevitable… Scientists have actually confirmed the link between chronic diseases and inflammation. 70% of our population dies each year because of this.

So as our country’s health trends are becoming scarier, it’s time to go back to nature. Back to ancient times.

How can we apply the truest wisdom of the East and the healing powers of nature to not only treat, but to prevent inflammation?

Buddha’s hand.

Buddha’s hand (Citrus medica), is a finger-like citron native to India and China, used in traditional medicine to remedy pain, digestive disorders and dampness (inflammation). Chinese medicine and Ayurveda both prize this fruit as a powerful tonic and powerful medicinal aid. In Chinese, its name ‘Fo Shou’ literally translates into good luck: the fruit is said to bring happiness, fortune and a long life. It is a common New Year’s gift, and a popular offering in Buddhism.


Why we need it:

Pain reliever:

Research confirms proven benefits from many flavonoids and compounds that display anti-inflammatory activities. Swelling, injuries, bruises and pain – be gone!

Digestion enhancer:

Traditional medicine cherishes Buddha’s hand for its stomach-saving powers: the fruit’s ability to ease inflammation in the stomach lining and soothe intestinal muscles can provide effective relief for tummy problems, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating and cramps (period cramps, too!).

Chronic Disease prevention:

In studies, limonene and y-terpinene compounds have been shown to inhibit progression of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Dietary administration of limonene causes a regression in breast cancer tumors, according to scientific research.


The natural chemical compounds in Buddha’s hand have been researched to have cytotoxic, anticancer properties.

Lung tonic:

Buddha’s hand’s skyrocketing Vitamin C content may help alleviate symptoms in asthmatic children, according to modern science. It is also an expectorant and has been used in traditional medicine for quick relief for respiratory troubles.

Immunity booster:

Research suggests that the fructus citri sarcodactylis polysaccharide in Buddha’s hand stimulates the strength and effectiveness of immune function.

And, it’s safe:

Medical studies affirm that Buddha’s hand is also non-toxic when tested in breast cancer and colorectal cancer patients.

Where to find:

If you’re in NYC or California, Chinatown is your best bet. You may only find it in dried form, but that may be enough to hold you over until your next trip to Asia! It is perishable and frost-sensitive, but you can check online for a local distributor in your area. In the US, it is usually just grown in Hawaii or California – so look out for small-scale orchards in these states that may sell it.

If you can get your hands on this fruit, it will definitely be worth it. A few chunks in your hot water in the morning, or a tea made out of the dried leaves will be your new health ally. Buddha’s hand is a natural, safe, effective alternative therapy to combating inflammation and promoting health and longevity.

Let’s get our bodies back to how good they can really feel!


Written By Isabella Gucci-Ruffalo