Your New Favorite Health-Tea.

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We know the struggle. Drinking tea is not something that appeals to everyone, no matter the health benefits. A creamy vanilla latte or a turmeric-pumpkin-spiced tonic seem much more appealing choices to start the day – even over healing morning lemon tonic sometimes  – so we often find ourselves having to compromise maximum nutrition to satisfy our taste buds.

But we know a little health tea recipe from Asia that may just change the way you think about tea, satisfy your cravings AND give you super powered nutrition.

Yuzu, or ‘Japanese grapefruit’ just may be the answer.

It has a unique citrus flavor, kind of like a blend between lemon/lime/grapefruit. And its benefits are numerous:

Antioxidant + anti-cancer – extremely rich in vitamin C, thus is powerful antioxidant that can help replenish dead skin cells and combat free radical damage. It is also abundant in several flavonoids that have been researched to have anti-cancer effects.

Immunity boosting – it has traditionally been used for centuries keep away winter colds and flu, and also to heal the dry, chapped skin we get in cold weather. Folk remedies also incorporate yuzu as an effective treatment of sore throats, coughs and fevers! It is considered to have natural antibiotic properties.

Naturally antimicrobial – research shows that yuzu seeds contain compounds that fight against viruses, fungus and infections from common bacteria, such as E. coli, salmonella and staphylococcus.

Circulation boosting – yuzu has been attributed to increasing blood circulation as well as stimulating the digestive system. Its stimulating and circulation-boosting effects have also been shown to improve and enhance skin cell health and complexion.

Psychologically stimulating – yuzu aroma is said to stimulate and open the right hemisphere of the brain, where as lemons typically affect the left-brain. The right hemisphere controls our creative, emotional, non-linear thinking; it is the hemisphere of chaos, originality, love, beauty, and poetry. Thus inhaling yuzu, perhaps in essential oil form, can stimulate these aspects of our psyche and also promote relaxation.

It may be difficult to find the fresh yuzu fruit in America – but luckily there’s an even more delicious form: yuzu honey! You can find it in virtually any Asian grocery store, and this stuff really is as delectable as it is nutritious. Use it in the following recipe and your morning caffeine + lemon water can merge into one amazing daily ritual:

Recipe for Yuzu Honey Tea:

Stir and taste. Amazing no? It takes 2 minutes to make, and can help you start your day in the most nourishing, stimulating and enjoyable way.